We are so pleased to announce another Gold Medal for our 2006 Mendocino County Zinfandel awarded recently at the Mendocino County Fair. This Zin was made from the ranch of my dear friend, Jack Cox, who I have known for almost forty years now. Jack has been after me for years to make a Zinfandel from his beautiful ranch in his own little valley just south of Redwood Valley, as he always told me it was one of the best Zinfandel regions in the Mendocino County and he was right; I wish I would have listened earlier.

This is the only year Zina Hyde Cunningham Winery will make a Zinfandel from these sixty plus year old vines on Jack’s ranch. We knew when we were making this award-winning Zinfandel that it was going to be incredibly good so we purchased our own small ranch in Redwood Valley just up the road from Jack’s ranch, a piece that has about five acres of ‘old vine’ Zinfandel on it. There were only 99 cases produced from Jack’s ranch this year, so please enjoy this wine while it lasts.

I know a lot of you purchased this wine at our recent annual club party, “Taste the Place” ; however, if you enjoy this wine as much as Amy and I do, there is still a small amount left for you. Deep fruit flavors of ripe raspberry and plum followed by a hint of cherry with a modest pepper finish allows this wine to pair well with many dishes, as a lot of you experienced at the party.

I want to thank all of you again who attended our party two weeks ago at our family ranch in Anderson Valley. That evening my dear friend, Tom Birt, I and our wives poured ourselves a glass of this Zinfandel and took a short stroll hand in hand just up the road to a little knoll so we could relax for a few minutes from our busy day and take in the party from afar. As we sat there surrounded by millions of stars lighting up the night sky, we sipped our lovely Zinfandel as we gazed back at all of you dancing, hugging, laughing, and in one case falling on the dance floor; we could see what a wonderful time all of you were having. Tom looked over at me and said, “This is what life is all about.” Amy squeezed my hand with a big smile as if to say, “We did it honey.”

As I had told you that beautiful Saturday evening, Amy and I have been working on our ranch for several years now and it has been our dream to share with all of you what has been our passion. We were so happy to see all of you enjoying what we have worked so hard to create. Thanks to all of you again for making our dreams come true and giving us the drive and passion that will bring you this event year after year; better and better each time.

Please enjoy the Zinfandel, looking forward to the next visit.

Steve, Amy and Cousin Shalee