Zina Hyde Cunningham
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2005 Lake County Merlot — $20

Release Price: $22 (subject to change)

Note: This is a future wine. It is still in the barrel. Once the wine is ready to drink, we will release and ship the wine. There is a minimum purchase of 6 bottles for all of our "future" selections. You may mix and match with other wines to place an order of 1 case (=12 bottles) to qualify for the 10% case discount.

2005 Lake County Merlot

Vineyard Location: Lake County
Varietal Composition: Merlot
Total Acidity:
Brix at Harvest:
Residual Sugar:
Approx. Quantity Produced:


Winemaker’s Comments

No comments available at present.


Merlot is known as a Noble Bordeaux varietal. Although it came to France in the first century, it was not named until the 1880s. Merlot was originally used only for blending, as it was soft and compliant, very useful in softening other Bordeaux wines like Cabernets. Recently in California and Chile it became popular as a 100% varietal wine. Merlot tends to be easier to grow in a variety of soil conditions and is harvested earlier in the year than Cabernet. Although most Merlots are made to be drunk earlier than Cabernet Sauvignons, there are many with complexities of a Cabernet. Flavors of plums, black cherries, violets, chocolate and orange pair well with rich, red pasta dishes, a heavy chicken dish, and any beef combination that fancies you. The perfect match of course is chocolate. Not only does the chocolate compliment the wine and vice-versa, but the essence of flavor for both linger eternally.

Preferred Pricing

1 - 2 cases: 10% off, 3 - 5 cases: 15% off, 6 + cases: 20% off (does not apply to Library & Reserve wines).
Mixed cases allowed. Wine club members are given an additional 5% off on all purchases.

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